A little update on my podcast, which I can’t believe already has 6 completed episodes (well….no. 6 is scheduled to go live tomorrow!)

Since my last post, I’ve been lucky to interview Paula McGuire about how she no longer has to live with anxiety, but how anxiety has to live with her and her penchant for extreme sports and adventuring. Paula is a true inspiration and you can listen to the full episode here.

I also spoke with US comedian, Amber Tozer, who found the comedy profession to be both cathartic and risky when it came to her recovery from alcoholism. Amber also talks about her book, Sober Stick Figure, and why using humour helped her to accept her experiences with the demon drink. Listen to the full interview here.

And brand new for tomorrow, I chatted to my former Metro editor, Yvette Caster, about the world of journalism and why a diagnosis of bipolar disorder shouldn’t stop you from chasing – and achieving – your professional dreams.

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