A selection of articles I have written/voiced and researched, as well as interviews I have taken part in.

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The i Paper Dislike Meghan Markle fine, but questioning her suicidal thoughts is too far – 24 Jan 2023

Welldoing Nobody’s ‘just’ a hypochondriac -my experience of health anxiety – 11 Jan 2023

The i PaperA lack of NHS beds will force mothers away from their babies this Christmas – 20 Dec 2022

StylistI was labelled neurotic when my panic attacks were at their worst – 9 Dec 2022

The i PaperWomen aren’t complaining about menopause because we’re snowflakes, it’s because we have a zest for life – 7 Dec 2022

The i PaperLike Harry Styles I emotionally coasted for years – 12 May 2022

The BooksellerThe sensitivity stereotype – 1 Oct 2021

The BooksellerTackling stigma – 30 July 2021

MetroMy children were taken into care, but that doesn’t make me a bad mother – 30 Dec 2020

MetroPeter Barlow’s relapse on Coronation Street is a powerful challenge to addiction stigma – 20 Nov 2020

High Life NorthWhy Showing Vulnerability is good for the Soul – 25 Sept 2020

The Journal Passionate People, Passionate Places: Seduced by the North East Coast – 16 Aug 2020

Reader’s DigestMindful Drinking – What’s it all About? – 12 Aug 2020

High Life NorthFriday interview with Leila D’Aronville – 7 Aug 2020

Standard Issue Sunday Chops: The stigma of children going into care 11 July 2020

High Life North – Don’t ask me what I’ve got to be anxious about – 22 May 2020

Standard Issue Interview with Hope Virgo on the dangers of calories counting20 April 2020

HuffPost Honestly it’s life-changing series: Mouthful of moggy fur?5 February 2020

The IndependentWe fought hard to reduce the stigma around mental health, now the same must be done for addiction 19 January 2020

The i PaperHow nature photography can help people dealing with mental health issues4 November 2019

Men’s Fitness MagazineAddressing the stigma around addiction4 November 2019

The IndependentWhy classifying psychopathy as a mental health problem can be incredibly dangerous17 October 2019

North East TimesThe power of mental health campaigns10 October 2019

The IndependentAfter everything that’s happened, why are we laughing about a Love Island contestant’s teeth? 24 July 2019

MetroThe importance of recovery cafes for people experiencing addiction3 July 2019

Happiful MagazineOvercoming anxiety and embracing imperfections27 June 2019

The IndependentThe Jeremy Kyle Show should have been suspended long ago13th May

MetroKilling Eve’s Villanelle is not psychotic8th April

The Independent I helped Coronation Street capture the reality of Carla Connor’s psychosis2 April

The IndependentPeople with personal mental health experiences are more qualified to work with patients, not less20 March 2019

The IndependentJack Monroe’s openness about alcoholism is invaluable6 January 2019

The i PaperWorkplace bullying ruined my life20 November 2018

Fabulous magazineHow to talk about mental health 18 November

Standard Issue (Podcast)Interviews on mental health3 November

The IndependentWe need to radically change the way we talk to kids about drugs 21 October 2018

The IndependentIf you’re angry about mental health services, don’t miss your chance to make a difference 10th October 2018

Digital Spy 7 times TV got mental health right10 October 2018

This Girl is on FireI’m fine, thanks10 October 2018

Buzzfeed5 mental health stereotypes we place on ourselves15 September 2018

The i PaperI was told I wasn’t thin enough to be treated for my anorexia4 September 2018

MetroEastEnders makes us see Rainie as a person first, and an addict second 16 August 2018

Huff PostHow power perpetuates mental illness in the entertainment industry 27 July 2018

This Girl is on FireA sex talk to my teenage self20 July 2018

Huff PostThinking about the positive moments in my life brings me a sense of calm18 July 2018

This Girl is on Fire It’s OK not to be OK4 June 2018

NMEFacing the truth about mental health and music (book excerpt)21 May 2018

MetroBelieving me is crucial – how to talk to somebody who is hearing voices 20 May 2018

NMEThe 5 DO’s and DON’Ts of talking about mental health15 May 2018

MetroHow social media affects mental health in young people15 May 2018

MetroSave our trolls: How women are taking back the internet from online bullies7 May 2018

MetroWhy is it so difficult to diagnose postnatal depression1 May 2018

MetroIt’s time to talk about father’s postnatal depression 26 April 2018

MetroYou don’t have to be posh to keep hens, and it can be good for your 2 mental health 18 April 2018

MetroThree BPD sufferers break the myths around borderline personality disorder 5 April 2018

MetroBeyond the therapy room – three activities that can contribute to good mental health 1 April 2018

MetroThe benefits of exposure therapy for PTSD and anxiety19 Mar 2018

MetroThis mother’s day, three generations discuss how being a mum has changed over time11 Mar 2018

MetroHow our gender biases lead us to ignore the mental health needs of young boys28 Feb 2018

Red MagazineAnxiety: Illness or sign of the times?5 March 2018

The i PaperWhy my therapist told me to be more beige26 February 2018

NMEHave we finally got to grips with the truth behind the tortured rock star?23 February 2018

Den of GeekMental health in the movies – the good, the bad and the ugly19 February 2018

MetroLife after care – two men share their stories of leaving the system4th February

Metro Time To Talk Day 2018: How to talk to somebody who is experiencing suicidal thoughts2nd February

New Writing NorthThe ups and downs of writing about your own mental health 2nd February


Time to ChangeYou don’t need a PhD in Psychology to talk about mental health – 1st February

Hull Daily Mailinterview31 January 2018

Metro‘Have I imagined it all?’: it’s time to talk about mental health self-stigma27 January

MetroHow should we talk to children about mental health in schools?8th January

MetroI was pushed from pillar to post – this is what it’s like in care7th January

Metro5 ways I’m going to use mindfulness to improve my Christmas22nd December

MetroWhat it’s like to live in supported accommodation at Christmas21st December

MetroWhy a child’s Christmases in Wales is the best festive film for 80s nostalgia15th December

Metro – In an age of equality, why do people claim prison doesn’t work for women? – 4th December

MetroWatch Denise Welch’s award-winning film about depression – Exclusive interview22nd November

MetroHow should we talk to our children about mental health? 16th November

MetroWhy mental health education should be compulsory in schools12th November

MetroWe shouldn’t shy away from the ugly side of mental illness7th November


MetroWhen you have anxiety, it’s easy to catastrophise every situation2nd October

MetroHow an anxiety relapse makes you feel and what you can do about it23rd September

The i Newspaper I didn’t know my husband had ADHD, neither did he7th August

The i Newspaper – Last night’s Panorama on antidepressants was propaganda, not journalism – 27th July 

Huffington PostIt’s time to thank the man you’ve never heard of for using his war pension to fund mental health services30th June

Huffington PostWhy do artists feel compelled to perform at all costs?19th June

BBC Woman’s Hour – debating 13 Reasons Why – 7th June

Huffington PostPlease Katie Hopkins and Piers Morgan, stop using mental health as bait – 4th June

Huffington Post – Is 13 reasons why essential or controversial? – 4th May

Standard Issue – It REALLY couldn’t happen to a nicer…child – 12th April

Independent – Too many children are suffering in silence – 2 April

BBC Radio Newcastleinterview to coincide with the Heads Together campaign launch – 31st March (2hrs 56 minutes in)

Standard IssueIt REALLY couldn’t happen to a nicer…PR person – 28th March

The i NewspaperI didn’t expect to become a step mum – 24th March

Standard IssueDomesticity Rocks – 20th March

Standard IssueIt REALLY couldn’t happen to a nicer…globetrotter – 15th March

The i NewspaperIt’s rarely all about the food – 4th March

Standard Issue MagazineIt REALLY couldn’t happen to a nicer…writer – 1st March

Standard Issue MagazineREVIEW: Black Eyed Susan – 27th February

Standard Issue MagazineIt REALLY couldn’t happen to a nicer….actor – 15th February 2017

BBC Radio Newcastleinterview for Time to Talk Day – 2nd Feb 2017 (approx 2hrs 30 in)

Standard Issue MagazineIt REALLY couldn’t happen to a nicer…comedian – 1st February 2017

Woman magazine – interview for Time to Talk Day –  (not available online) – 31st January 2017

The i NewspaperCelebrities speaking out can make a real difference in mental health – 21st January 2017

Standard Issue MagazineIt REALLY couldn’t happen to a nicer…commando – 18th January 2017

Victoria Derbyshire Show – Interview about mental health in the workplace – 9th January 2017

BBC Newcastle Breakfast ShowInterview with Alfie and Anna – 9th January 2017 (2hrs 54 in)

Standard Issue MagazineIt REALLY couldn’t happen to a nicer…public speaker (published 4th January)

Standard Issue MagazineIt REALLY couldn’t happen to a nicer….naughty elf  (published 21st December)

Standard Issue MagazineIt REALLY couldn’t happen to a nicer…political strategist (interview with Alastair Campbell – published 7th December)

Standard Issue MagazineIt REALLY couldn’t happen to a nicer…teacher (published 23rd November)

Huffington Post (featured blogger) – In pursuit of the perfect Christmas (published 17th November)

Standard Issue MagazineA tribute to the village genius (published 9th November)

Standard Issue MagazineIt REALLY couldn’t happen to a nicer…hipster (published 26th October)

Standard Issue Magazine – ‘A series of Unfortunate Stereotypes’ (published 10th October for World Mental Health Day)

Standard Issue Magazine‘It’s checkout time’ (October 2016)

The Journal/Chronicle – ‘Weak? Scary? Violent?’ – a feature for World Mental Health Day – October 2016

BBC Radio Newcastle – interview – October 2016

Huffington Post – Lifestyle (Five things anxiety sufferers do not want to hear – featured blogger – September 2016)

Huffington Post – Ents (An open letter to Brad and Ange – featured blogger – September 2016)

Anxious Times (The lookout – July 2016)