It’s been a while since I typed….and that’s because I’ve been spending the last few weeks recording, editing and mixing. I have technical skills I had no idea I had. Audacity has become my friend. Which is really great for someone who freaks out at the sight of a new type of coffee jug in a meeting room.

Anyway, my podcast is a follow up to the mental health column I used to write for the wonderful Standard Issue magazine. It’s about busting stigma and proving that mental illness doesn’t define people – and that you can have an extreme adventurer with an anxiety disorder, or a dad with postnatal depression.

And I’ve been blummin’ lucky with the line up so far. So if you’ve got time to listen in, check out the below episodes.

Episode 1: Talking anxiety disorders, public speaking and MPs getting the ‘power pose’ very wrong indeed with Claire Eastham and Natasha Devon.
Episode 2: Talking teenage diaries, Brit Pop and OCD with the wonderful Rae Earl, writer of My Mad Fat Diary
Episode 3: Yes – dad’s can experience postnatal depression too! Find out why, what it’s like, and how it differs from the depression that women experience as I chat with Dr Andy Mayers and Mark Williams

So that’s it so far….but we’ve got extreme sports fan and adventurer, Paula McGuire up next week, and US comedian Amber Tozer hot on her heels. SUBSCRIBE NOW!

My book on mental health stigma, A Series of Unfortunate Stereotypes, is available to buy online now.

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