It’s been a strange few weeks. I’ve been off with the worst bout of anxiety that has afflicted my tired brain in almost two decades.

I’ve probably been far more sociable in a virtual sense – but given I’ve been off work, missed the pub quiz (again), missed my other half performing in Sunday for Sammy AND missed a new play reading I was desperate to hear, in reality, my social score is below zero.

And today is likely to be another day of cosy sofas, cats, cups of tea and crime drama. In fact, I’ve managed to get through all of Unforgotten, a Lewis (I was a Lewis virgin), a Miss Marple (well, half of it, not really my cup of tea) and I’m bang up to date with Marcella, Collateral and Life of Crime.

Perhaps I should have a go at writing crime fiction? After all, as anyone with anxiety knows, your brain can naturally behave like a detective when you’re trying desperately to prove that nobody’s died.

But anyway, it was book publication week last week. Not great that it coincided with my less than confident mood, but still, I am bloody proud to have a book published and I was able to enjoy that from the comfort of my lounge.

Some of my highlights:

Writing for NME and therefore making my 15 year old self sick with excitement and pride. This was a piece on how we view rock star behaviour and whether perceptions have changed over the years.

Have a read here.

Knowing Kristin Hersh has read my book – and seemed to quite like it. Again, my 15 year old self is beside herself!! Here’s the lush comment from Kristin:

“A Series of Unfortunate Stereotypes is essentially an exercise in empathy. Lucy Nichol has been there and she cares: reflection and resonance. So kind of her.”

Being interviewed by the lovely David Whetstone, who wrote an absolutely lush feature following a nice chat (sofa again) over a cup of tea.

Fancy a read? Click here

i Paper previewWriting for Den of Geek – all about mental health portrayals in the movies.

Read it here.

And there’s more to come – a piece in today’s the i Paper, an interview with the Yorkshire Post, and two book events which, I’ll be honest, I’m shitting myself about right now having been cooped up for about a fortnight….but it’ll be alright on the night!

If you fancy coming to the Hull ‘Head in a Book’ event on Wednesday evening, more information can be found here.

To book tickets for the Newcastle Waterstones event on March 6th, click here.

To leave a book review visit the Amazon page or search for A series of unfortunate stereotypes on Goodreads.

To order A series of unfortunate stereotypes, your money will be used incredibly well if you order directly from the publisher, who will be donating a percentage of sales to their mental health charity, Shaw Mind Foundation. You can also order from Amazon and Waterstones.

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