I started writing this blog in May. Six months down the line and I’ve landed a mental health series in my FAVOURITE magazine – Standard Issue.

Know it? It’s the ‘no bullshit’ women’s magazine founded by the wonderful Sarah Millican. They’re on Twitter and Facebook – give them a follow/like.

Anyway, my regular feature sets out to show the world that mental health does not discriminate – it can come after anyone, no matter how outgoing, popular, intelligent or successful.

First up – the hipster – about my fab friend Paul ‘Noddy’ Taylor. Enjoy 🙂

It REALLY couldn’t happen to a nicer…hipster

The bearded hipsters of today didn’t exist when I first met my fabulous friend Paul. However, it’s safe to say that this hairy trend was firmly on his radar (and his Grindr app) long before it was on mine.

In fact, I’d say that the hipster beard was even more ‘pop’ than Britney before I realised they were grown on purpose and nothing to do with a month-long trek in the Himalayas or a Movember which had got away from itself.

He’s always had his finger on the pulse and his thumb on the touchscreen. A furniture designer and digital guru, Paul applauded the new men with beards and buns. He introduced me to the selfie, Periscope and vlogging. He is one of the most at ease, chilled-out people I know when putting himself out there for the world to see.

Even though I’m way behind him in the ‘cool stakes’ (except in terms of music where it has got to be said, his love of the Spice Girls and Britney go squarely against him), we do have one thing in common. We shared the same therapist in a bid to beat our anxiety disorders.

To read the full article on Standard Issue, click here


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