The festivities begin, the nights draw in and the heating kicks in…with an awkward thud and a familiar sense of warm dust tantalising your nostrils.

It’s finally here!

Chunky old knits and crochet scarves re-surface. The coffee’s topped with cinnamon sprinkles. And kitchen cupboards wink at you, enticing you with maple syrup and roasted nuts, mixed spice and malt.

Pumpkins sit at the bottom of the garden, witchy carvings shriveling away like self-destructing works of art.

Transient, mysterious, colourful autumn.

Summer days stretched on a little too long. I should do this, I should do that, I need to be up and energised…not flat.

A long road ahead ’til the comforting close of day with the draw of the curtains. Desperate for that moment. The unconscious, the unaware, the knowledge that a day has been done. Unscathed. And then it starts again as the sun comes up.

So much light, so much opportunity for good…and bad.

It’s a bittersweet love of a beautiful autumn.





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