were-all-mad-hereClaire Eastham – award-winning blogger with a great vintage wardrobe and a brilliant way with words. She’s been in the press, spoken at events and even shared a mid-morning chat with Phil and Holly that was broadcast live to the nation.

Hard to imagine she struggles with social anxiety disorder…

This book shows just how crippling social anxiety disorder can be, and at the same time, how its symptoms can be overcome to make way for a successful and happy life.

We’re all mad here is described as ‘a no-nonsense guide’ and that’s exactly what it is. It’s straight-talking and honest. Claire reflects on how she came to understand the disorder that she lives with and the impact that it has had on her over the years. And for anyone who is dealing with similar issues, the book is jam-packed with simple hints and tips to support you through any of the socially terrifying situations that life throws at you.

As someone who has lived with generalised anxiety disorder pretty much all my life, there were plenty of moments that struck a chord. And, even though I’ve been learning about how to manage the disorder for years now, I still found new ideas and new ways of looking at things through reading this book.

However, I would particularly recommend this book for young people (I still can’t believe I’m nearly 40 *shudders*). If I had read this a few years ago (try two decades), it could have had quite an impact on my panic-stricken younger years. Claire shows you that it’s OK to have a mental health problem, that you’re definitely not alone and she shares her top tips to help you navigate your way through uni, dating and your first job. Oh, and to top it all off, she’s proper lovely with a great sense of humour to keep you entertained.








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