amber-tozer-book-coverI read this book in like three days or something. I couldn’t put it down. I love memoir, and I love books on mental health. But the ones that can make you laugh too – well they become instantly more relate able. And Amber Tozer is definitely relate able. I don’t have an addiction, but I do have a an anxiety disorder. Which could be an addiction of its own kind I guess. But one thing that helps people with mental health problems, in my view, is to realise they are not alone and that mental illnesses are not dark, dirty secrets you need to carry around as a burden. That is what is so interesting about Amber’s journey – she’s doing what she thinks every other teenager is doing. And then what every other 20-something and then every other comedian is doing. And there has to come a realisation. And with that a time to reach out.

It makes me think that this book could provide realisation for those who also feel as though they have a handle on their drinking – but who have a tiny little nagging doubt that says hello once in a while. And for people who know others in that situation. And for those people who have already had the realisation, this book reminds you why you should keep on going with the life of sobriety.
And for those people who are not affected by drinking in any way – let me just say this is a brilliant, humorous and engaging read.

I’ll have Amber Tozer on my fantasy dinner party guest list please.

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