As published in the i Newspaper – 21st January 2017

When people speak out about cancer or heart disease following news of a celebrity’s struggle with the conditions, we don’t accuse them of trying to make the illnesses “trendy”.
However, those who speak out about mental health are sometimes criticised for that very reason, as two comments from social media show:
“Mental health disorders are not something to brag about. Please stop trying to make mental illness trendy”;
“Having mental health issues is now trendy, the new victim fad.”

But those of us with mental health problems, and the ambassadors who try to prompt conversations about mental health, don’t just “try it on” for the sake of the latest campaign. In fact, long before celebrities signed up as mental health ambassadors, many were unwillingly “outed” by the media, with headlines boasting “sensational” photos of them breaking down in public.

Read the full article here

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