How lush to interview a big inspiration, the fabulous Claire Eastham of hugely popular blog We’re all mad here for my Standard Issue column….

claire-easthamDid you see that girl, Claire Eastham, on This Morning last year, addressing the nation live with talk of her apparent ‘social anxiety’? FAKE NEWS! All this mental health bollocks. Everyone’s jumping on the bandwagon.

As if anyone with crippling social anxiety would even dare do that without breaking down into a blubbing mess live on TV. Social anxiety? My arse!

Of course that’s not really what’s on my mind. It’s more the injustice of that kind of thinking. And Claire – a seriously successful mental health blogger and author – knows only too well that there’s still stigma attached to mental illness.

“I think people expect me to be a nervous wreck,” she says, “Lots of people have social anxiety and still function. It’s just that sometimes they might need extra support.”

See the full article on Standard Issue

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