Something to read as a reminder after an anxiety lapse/relapse:

I just ate a yummy kids’ tea of fish fingers and chunky chips with tonnes of salt and vinegar. And I didn’t feel sick. I watched University Challenge with my wonderful man. Both of us almost choking on our chips when the posh kids answered and they sounded like they were saying c**t. And not just once either. We were disappointed we couldn’t find bullseye, but that was good value. That was definitely worthwhile.

I’m lying in bed now. I can hear the hum of the water filter from the tropical fish tank and the bubbles popping. The mutterings from the TV. The cat’s paws padding on the carpet.

I can hear my neighbours putting the wheelie bins out. More than one – it’s recycling day tomorrow. We can listen out first thing to see who’s bin betrays their weekend over indulgence of ‘pop’.

My light is low. And calm. And warm. 

I’m back in the room. Back in the now. 

There’s nothing so bloody wonderful as noticing the now. 

It always passes in the end.

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