As published on Huffington Post, featuring interviews with Dr Kevin Dutton and Dr Clare Hart.

(c) Awakenedeye

We’re all experts when it comes to diagnosing Trump. Twitter confidently informs us that he is a ‘psychopath’, a ‘narcissist’, ‘schizophrenic’ and possibly suffering from ‘Alzheimer’s’.

Seeing as everyone else is at it, I’m going to jump on the psychology bandwagon too and have a go myself. However, I don’t agree that we should label Trump schizophrenic or suggest he is suffering from Alzheimer’s. He might be. But, even with my incredibly limited knowledge, I am confident that the Trump headlines are not typically representative of either diagnosis. So let’s leave those two be. It’s an assumption that I feel is a massive insult to anyone who lives with those conditions.

So, what have we got left to play with? Psychopath, narcissist or both?

Read the full article here on Huffington Post

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