a_tozerheadshot1Remember that duvet cover from the 80s with the sad clown? That clown was Pierrot. He might have made people laugh but, inside, he was hiding a terrible pain. A pain caused by his unrequited love for Columbine, who, as far as I can tell, had the hots for Harlequin.

Pierrot wasn’t really born in the 80s; he was actually appearing in French and Italian pantomimes hundreds of years back. The sad clown. A mask hiding an unrequited love….

I recently read a book about somebody else who makes people laugh and lives with an unrequited love. An unrequited love for alcohol.

Amber Tozer is a US comedian and writer, and she will tell you now, no matter what she invested in her relationship with alcohol, she got nothing back. Zero. Nada. Because, in fact, alcohol had the hots for destruction…

Click here to read the full article on Standard Issue

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