When the snowman brings the snoooooooowww
Well he just might like to knoooooowwww
He’s put a great big smile on somebody’s fa-ace… du du du du dudu dudu du du du

Snowmen, Santa Claus, Rudolph, the elves… turns out, they’re just human beings too, and no amount of sparkle, tinsel and Christmas magic can save them from our human vulnerabilities. So, while they might be total pros in making us lot smile at Christmas, they’re just as likely as you and I to be troubled and stressed from time to time.

I applaud Iceland for showing the real man behind the beard this year. He might be an A-list celebrity, but that doesn’t mean Santa spends all his time schmoozing with the likes of Jason Donovan and Kerry Katona.

No. Iceland showed us the real Santa Claus (Santa is his stage name by the way, he’s actually called Nick). The family man who puts in double shifts every year, and the strain that his hectic schedule puts on his wife, Sarah, who has to look after him and all the reindeer.

We see these Christmas characters as invincible, living in a magical world and completely untouchable. But, just as Christmas can be a difficult time for individuals under stress or suffering with mental ill health, it can be exactly the same for our festive heroes.

Read the full article on Standard Issue

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