My latest instalment on Standard Issue Magazine challenging perceptions of mental health. This week it’s a piece about the wonderful Samara…

“Oi! You lot! Get away from that car!”

Our house. A random Sunday morning sometime in 2002. My housemate, Samara, runs full speed through the garden wearing a pink dressing gown, towel turban and fluffy slippers, screaming at a bunch of teenagers.

They were clearly bored, as running round and round my old Toyota Corolla seemed to generate more excitement than getting served at the off licence with a bottle of Mad Dog 20/20.

Despite the far from intimidating appearance, Samara’s order was obeyed and the teenagers even offered an apology… and her face dropped. She’d been caught off guard. Here she was, without her slap on, wearing a manky dressing gown and screaming like a fishwife.

“Sorry Miss Bryan!”

She made a note to put herself on detention as her pupils slowly skulked away.

Click here to read the full article on Standard Issue. 

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