My latest piece for Standard Issue magazine. A tribute to an old friend.

If you lived a quaint village life, you inevitably had to learn to drive. East Yorkshire villages didn’t have the same level of drama as Emmerdale. Well… unless you listened to the gossip from the Bay Horse pub.

But that was mainly limited to a bit of middle-class swinging as opposed to aeroplane crashes and lightning strikes.

So, seeking inner city excitement, most of us moved into various bedsits, flats and housing estates in Hull. Martin didn’t. He had the brains. While all we were aiming for, uni-wise was the ‘Eat Your Words’ club nights at Hull Students’ Union, Martin studied. He was the IT guru among us and, more often than not, the designated driver. He was dependable, loyal, quiet and studious.

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One thought on “A tribute to the village genius

  1. Thanks ☺ I read it on your fb last night, thought it was lovely x


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