Evening all!

I’ve been sticking my face in front of the camera a bit and tomorrow I’ll be doing it again and going live – not with Gordon the Gopher and a sweary phone-in directed at Five Star – but with the Writing Community Chat Show. I’ll be talking all about The Twenty Seven Club, independent publishing and mental health and music myths. Possibly a whippet, too.

I’ve also recorded another vlog – a nostalgic one exploring the ‘stuff’ we had as music fans in the 90s that we tend to forget about these days thanks to the convenience of Spotify or iTunes or whatever.

So here’s one to sign up to, and one to watch now if you’ve got a spare few minutes. And PLEASE share 90s memories in the YouTube comments section….!

Lucy xx

SIGN UP: The Writing Community Chat Show

Monday 12 April, 8pm

WATCH NOW: Music ‘stuff’. 

A celebration of vinyl, mix tapes, music mags and dodgy GCSE artwork.

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