Morning! It’s a strange old year but I’m keeping myself busy planning the (virtual) book launch of my first novel – The 27 Club – which will be out this March! Eek!

Anyway, it’s an interesting old journey trying to plan marketing activity for your own book and there’s so much to think about, however, given the fact that I will be writing more personally about my book and future writing projects, I’ve decided to create a dedicated (and more regular) author newsletter.

I will still be blogging from here on wider topics, but, for all things The 27 Club, writing (and writing blunders), related pop culture, behind the scenes research, playlists and interviews and reviews of books in similar genres, please subscribe to my author newsletter on sub stack.

Just click this link, enter your email, and I’ll be in touch on a more regular basis with all things words and music!

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