When I first heard about the Coronavirus Theatre Club – set up to provide a platform for writers, performers and directors during the Covid-19 crisis – I didn’t for a second think I would submit anything to it. I’d never really considered hearing my words performed.

Then, a few days back, I realised I could. And I took the plunge.

I have just watched a performance of my short story Oranges and Lemons all about the Ripper and Whitechapel, and I was blown away. Feels like such a privilege and reminds me of the joys of writing.

It’s being performed by Larner Wallace Taylor and directed by Charlotte Peters and the two of them have taken something that came out of my head and made it into something truly terrific.

Would love you to watch. It’s going to be live streamed on Twitter tomorrow night from 7pm. To watch, follow Coronavirus Theatre Club.

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