Parliament Panto is being broadcast live to the world in a bid to promote ‘British-ness’ as the Brexit countdown ticks on.

Embracing all the traditional British pantomime elements, Parliament Panto has delighted international viewers around the world. However, UK audiences have been protesting in outrage and reviewers quick to criticise.

Theatre critic, Linus Blowhorn said: “You can see how our political panto stars have embraced techniques such as coarse humour. Indeed, Michael Gove’s reference to ‘Vicky Bollard’ was shockingly bad.

‘We’ve a good mix of fantastical creatures too – with the troll-like presence of Boris Johnson and Gove’s accurate take on Gollum. And narrator, Jon Bercow, allows enough farcical chaos to ensue to satisfy the audience.

‘However, we’re beginning to lose sight of the fundamental panto narrative of good vs evil. Clearly, we know who the bad guys are, but the good guys seem to be hiding in the chorus rather than playing principal roles upfront as is tradition.’

Over in the US, however, fans are delighted. Peter Johnson, 47 of Manhattan, New York, said: ‘It’s just great seeing England like this. It’s hugely satisfying to know there are ludicrous creatures in political chaos in other countries too. And it’s nice to see Britain’s ensemble approach – a refreshing change from our one-man show format.’

The increasing popularity of the Brexit panto has opened up new opportunities for reality TV stars, many of whom have been fiercely competing to land panto roles in traditional theatre settings.

One Big Brother star, who asked to be named in full, said: ‘I’m going to stand for MP. They need someone younger on board to advise on current trends.’

‘Someone needs to tell that Teresa bird that robotic dancing went out of fashion in 1987 and that lead characters need more intriguing histories. Running through farmer’s fields was a bit of a let-down after Cameron’s pig-gate upped the ante in 2015’.

A spokesperson for Parliament Panto said that the ‘finale’ would take place at the end of March, after which it is unlikely that anyone will give a fuck about anything and viewing figures will diminish entirely.

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