There’s this idea that acting, performing, being creative, etc, is a cushy way to carve out a career. We’ve heard people complain on social media when a show or a gig is cancelled because of the performer’s illness or exhaustion. Surely they can just get on with it for one night?

But the pressure on those performing to keep going with the ‘show must go on’ attitude is huge. And if you haven’t got a cast on your leg to prove you’re really not well enough there’s a real pressure to carry on regardless – who will forgive you if you pull out, there’s nobody to replace you and a thousand people have to get their theatre tickets refunded?

Well, if you want to hear about it from the performer’s point of view, I urge you to read this piece in Metro written by my husband, Chris Connel, an incredibly talented actor – and an incredibly brave one for speaking out.

You can follow Chris on Twitter – @chrisconnel and if you want to see him in action, check out his showreels here.

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