Basically….this is a GIANT plug for my book AGAIN. It’s not like I ever stop. I always use the excuse that I’m a first time writer, not exactly Matt Haig or Bryony Gordon and desperate for external validation…hence I need to promotAdvance copiese the shite out of it.

Anyway, here are some of the more recent reviews that have come in for A Series of Unfortunate Stereotypesclick here to order your copy.

Nichol has written an informative and honest book that goes some way to setting the record straight about the reality of living with a mental health issue. The fact that she calls out the likes of Piers Morgan and Katie Hopkins makes it even better.”   **** The Sun

“Witty, thoughtful and overwhelmingly funny.” The Yorkshire Post

“Lucy, you are adorably faulty, just like the rest of us – and a fabulously funny writer” Amazon review

“Wonderful book showing the human side and reality of living with anxiety and depression.” Amazon review

“Honest, funny, moving….and real.” Amazon review.

“An excellent read, very honest and really made me laugh out loud.” Amazon review

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