Positive thinking for 2017….

Looking back on 2016 with a glass half full

1. It has been confirmed that my intellect and political experience exceeds the minimum required for the role of president

2. I learnt that I was able to feel compassion for David Cameron. In 2016, he should have remained. 

3. The most shared Katie Hopkins tweet was an embarrassing apology she was forced to make

4. One of the world’s biggest construction firms pulled out of its advertising deal with the Mail

5. George Michael saved us from tears and gave his heart to lots of people and not just at Christmas

6. FaceTime brings newly independent teenagers back home for a natter whenever you need them 

7. Being more ill than you’ve been in ages brings round the clock husband care with endless cups of tea and marvellous creations ice cream

8. Brexit sucks big time but showed us that notable British people were brave enough to stand up for their rights and go head to head on the water, fighting it out in battleships for all the world to see 

9. A princess with superpowers and a champion boxer showed us that the 1 in 4 with mental health problems are actually part of the in-crowd

10. I have a kitten. Kittens make everything in the world ok again.

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