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‘A very rare combination of something that is properly funny, very moving and, crucially, actually wise! Wonderfully written, insightful, laugh out loud funny yet a complex and totally human exploration of something that’s so difficult for people to understand. It absolutely deserves to be shared.’ Lee Hall (writer, Billy Elliott, The Pitmen Painters)

‘A Series of Unfortunate Stereotypes is essentially an exercise in empathy. Lucy Nichols has been there and she cares: reflection and resonance. So kind of her.’ Kristin Hersh

‘A soothing, often funny, well written blog on anxiety, stigma and mental health’ Writer and actress, Denise Welch

‘Lucy has the gift of sparkling prose and a mischievous, self-deprecating sense of humour.’ David Whetstone, Arts Editor, The Journal

‘Lucy’s book really struck a chord with me, and not just for the shared love of Nirvana and the dodgy 90’s dress sense! Anxiety is a medium-sized word with plus-size consequences, and opening up about what it actually means is the only way to break down those ‘unfortunate stereotypes’…” Andrea McLean

‘You made me cry with this wonderful piece – thank you for writing it’ Sarah Millican

‘Lucy is a pioneer in the writing world of mental health. She is heartfelt, funny and when she digs for the truth under complicated feelings she often finds it. Lucy has found the magic in sharing her personal struggle to connect with others, always providing an inspiring message to those who need it most.’ Amber Tozer, Comedian

‘Lucy’s warmth and candour shine through in her writing, making what can be a difficult topic to deal with accessible and engaging’. Standard Issue Magazine

‘A brave advocate doing all she can to end the stigma of mental illness, Lucy moves seamlessly between serious and celebratory. Educating, entertaining and always uplifting – her writing is a rare treat.’ Dr Craig Malkin, Lecturer Harvard Medical School and author of the internationally acclaimed Rethinking Narcisissism

‘Lucy writes from the heart with a real mixture of honesty and character. It is fantastic there are blogs like Lucy’s that reach out with care, concern and help break down this taboo!’ Alfie Joey (BBC, Ideal)